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A Week in Junk Science

Yet more policy-led evidence? ‘Science has become a political football to be controlled to stage-manage advocacy for a pre-set agenda. We can’t afford it to be’, says Dave Atherton, as he takes us through a number of examples in his … Continue reading

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The Statistical Bludgeon

Today we link to a recent essay by Professor John Brignell. It is well worth reading in full. Here are the first two paragraphs: In the dark ages literacy was a secret jealously guarded by the senior clerics. It gave … Continue reading

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Government to legislate for Plain Packaging

So, they ignored the consultation, then? Quelle surprise. Story just in from The Guardian. Says will be announced in May.   Go to story here.  

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The Triumph of Faith over Science

Another article in The Commentator from F2C’s Chairman, Dave Atherton; this time, on second-hand smoke. He says: The accusations are that second hand smoke (SHS) leads to “cot death (sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS), asthma, lower respiratory infections, glue … Continue reading

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